Waiting on the Right One

This Valentines Day was like any other Valentines Day for me, i.e. I don't have a man.

But I treated it like any normal Thursday. I went to work and I casually scrolled through Instagram, liking a few people's posts of them boo'd up.

It wasn't until around 11pm when I laid in bed that the all too familiar feeling returned: the feeling that I was missing out on something. The feeling that by now I should be married or at least in a serious, committed relationship.

Being single for a long extended time is exhausting and difficult, but it has its way of testing my faith (and my patience). I think one of the hardest things about being single is waiting and anticipating a mutual commitment from the "right one." I see so many friends getting engaged and married, it has me thinking "I hope God did not forget about me." But He reassures me constantly that He hasn't forgotten me.

When I was about fourteen, I read this amazing book called When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy. I reread it when I was about twenty years old. And I probably need to revisit it again. But one thing that really stood out to me was when Leslie Ludy wrote about waiting with a purpose. Or purpose-driven waiting. When you wait with a purpose, it makes waiting much more tolerable.

So what is your purpose? Why are you waiting for God to guide you to the right person instead of constantly being on the search for someone? What is the one thing that can get you to stop believing in the lie that singleness is not a blessing?

Because singleness is a blessing and your waiting is not in vain, as long as there is a purpose attached to it. My purpose for waiting is to mature into the woman God called me to be and to discover my purpose before I commit to marriage. Marriage is wonderful and it is something I desire, however, I know that in this waiting time I can focus on drawing closer to God and becoming the wife I need to be for my future husband. I want to be fully prepared for my next season which means I cannot rush God's timing. And I must be reminded that if God has me waiting still, it is for a good reason.

So yes, singleness is not easy but the wait is worth it. Because when God brings along the right person, the purpose behind your waiting will be fulfilled and then there will be new mountains to climb. Enjoy every minute of the season you are in now and stay encouraged.