Hey there!

First name Clarissa, middle name Ann. Clarissa Ann is a self-published writer with a B.A. in Communications and a M.A. in Journalism. She has freelanced articles for 21 Ninetycopy edited work for others, and is currently interning for Black Bride Magazine

In 2015, Clarissa moved back to North Carolina from New York and a friend encouraged her to start this blog. Ever since then, many people have been encouraged and inspired to live their life to the fullest, and Clarissa continues to make space for that through this blog. Enjoy.

Fun Facts

  • Born in Rochester, New York and raised in Cary, North Carolina
  • Jamerican (half Jamaican)
  • Dream job since thirteen has been magazine editor
  • Has lived in NYC twice before
  • Grew up in church and loves Jesus
  • Has a huge sweet tooth
  • Regular shopper at her local Target
  • Loves to travel and explore new places
  • Enjoys reading when she can find the time