My 24th Birthday + 24 Life Lessons

This past Friday, April 28th was my twenty-fourth birthday. I am so thankful to God that I get to see another year! One of the most major event to transpire this past weekend was the release of my first book, "the (beautiful) life"! You can purchase a copy here. On Friday, I had a small gathering with a few of my friends. That was pretty major for menot because I am not a birthday person (because I am) but because I have not had a birthday party since I was maybe twelve. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one, I was super reserved and to myself. It was real difficult for me to make friends. Although I am still somewhat shy at times, I have noticed a great change in my personality. I am much more social and outgoing. I have been making more of an effort to engage in conversation and develop meaningful relationships. Below I share what I did over my birthday weekend and twenty-four life lessons I have learned.

1. Don't change who you are for nobody.
2. Never neglect your dreams.
3. Work harder to reach your goals.
4. Be calm and not easily offended.
5. Focus on what matters most.
6. Prioritize your time and effort.
7. Invest in you.
8. Don't avoid growth and progress.
9. Face consequences with humility.
10. Own up to your mistakes and learn from them.
11. Gradually improve yourself.
12. Genuinely forgive others and yourself.
13. Never let your past dictate your present or future.
14. Keep God at the center of everything.
15. Make younger you proud.
16. Live out your calling with no hesitation.
17. Worry less, pray more.
18. Be patient in every season.
19. Don't be afraid of taking risks.
20. Choose your friends wisely.
21. Guard your heart.
22. Care less about what others think.
23. Smile as often as you can.
24. Stay positive no matter what.

F  R  I  D  A  Y 

So I finally got a picture in front of this pink wall in Downtown Durham! I'm wearing a white, over-the-shoulder crop top from H&M. When I ordered it online, I didn't realize it was cropped. I was going to return it because I don't really wear cropped shirts, but I decided to give it a try. But now I realize why I don't really care for them: everyone was looking at me and my stomach! The shorts are hand-me-downs from my sister. I think she got them from Forever 21. And the sandals and purse are from Target.

For my birthday party, I wore this really sheer/nude floral embroidered bodysuit with a midi skirt. I got so many compliments on my "dress." I was a little nervous about going braless, but it actually looked decent! I got the bodysuit on sale from one of my new favorite online store, Pretty Little Thing. The skirt is from Forever 21 and the mauve velvet heels are from Target.

S  A  T  U  R  D  A  Y

                    On Saturday, I decided to go more casual. I wore a black and white striped romper from Target and paired it with red heels; a long, gold necklace; and a clutch--all from Target. Saturday was tons of fun because I got to see one of my favorite artists perform liveNAO!

S  U  N  D  A  Y
                       For church on Sunday, I wore this multi-color midi skirt (from Target) with this suede, mauve over-the-shoulder bodysuit (from Make Me Chic). I paired it with the same clutch from both Friday and Saturday, and the same sandals I wore Friday morning. After church, I had brunch and mimosas at Dame's and went to the Durham rooftop to listen to live jazz. All in all, I had an amazing birthday weekend!