Refocus, Reshift, Redirect

We are near the end of the first month of 2019. Crazy, right? 

What have you accomplished so far?

If your answer is "nothing," no worries, you have plenty of time to accomplish things. Do not get in the mindset that since fill-in-the-blank has not worked out yet that it's over. Do not give up and do not stop trying. More importantly, take a moment to consider what you truly need to be focused on. Consider the obstacles and the distractions that have kept you from reaching that goal. It is time to remove every thing that keeps your attention off of progressing.

Some of the things that keep me distracted are:
  1. My phone. This is easily the one thing that can take up all my time, and I mean ALL my time. It is with me everywhere I go at all times. Between phone calls and text messages and FaceTimes—my phone not only drains my time but also my energy.
  2. Social Media. I spend way too much time on Instagram and Twitter, it's disgusting.
  3. Television, YouTube, and Netflix. I love a good Netflix or YouTube binge. But I really have to stop making excuses to watch 15-minute long vlogs about absolutely nothing important. Talk about a huge waste of time.
And that is just to name a few! Now it's your turn, list the things that distract you. What can and will you do to eliminate those distractions to help you refocus? For me, I am limiting my use on my phone and social media by taking necessary breaks. Sometimes I have to make the decision to just leave my phone out of sight so that I can make time for what's important.

What is important to you?

What has diverted you from pursuing the things that are important to you?

How can you manage your time more effectively?

I encourage you to identify your distractions, eliminate them, and redirect your attention on not only achieving the goals you have set for 2019, but fulfilling your purpose.