How to Set Realistic Goals + How to Focus on Them

It is insane to me that 2019 is merely 35 days away. Time to focus on making a lasting impact on the remainder of 2018 and time to start planning for the new year. One of my mottos is that it is never too early to start planning! I have already three goals I want to accomplish in 2019 and I have mapped out ways that I can actually get them accomplished.

What goals do you have for 2019?

Are they realistic?

Stick to setting goals that are practical. When you set goals that are out of your reach and you do not meet these lofty goals, you start to underestimate your potential. Give yourself space to breathe and take baby steps first, not huge strides. Accomplishing these seemingly smaller goals is the fuel for you to go after your larger goals.

Setting realistic goals also helps you to stay focused and on track.

To stay focused on your goals, you have to identify any hindrances and remove them:
  • Stop making excuses as to why you cannot accomplish your goals.
  • Stop comparing your current situation to someone else's current situation.
  • Stop quitting every time things do not happen how you expected them to.
  • Stop doubting your capability.

If you need some more guidance, I created a goal planner that you can download for free here that will help you outline and keep track of your goals.

Here's to an exceptional end to 2018 and an even more exceptional 2019!