Overcoming Seasonal Depression

It is amazing how once the colder months approach, we can often become so overwhelmed by our assumed insignificance. And it can be mentally draining. With so much going on during the holiday season, it is not easy being alone. When you scroll through your Instagram feed and see everyone with their families or boo'ed up, it can make loneliness all the more unbearable.

If I can be honest, it has been pretty rough for me lately. It comes in waves but for whatever reason I sometimes feel like sleeping away the days and sometimes I just feel the need to cry for no particular reason. And I do not think crying is at all bad. Crying is a release of an emotion I no longer want to dictate my life. But oftentimes, we cry and, instead of releasing the emotion, we embrace it.

Although seasonal depression, and depression in general, is very real, there is no need to give it any power to rule you. You are not obligated to embrace any emotion you do not want to feel. You get to choose between misery and bliss. But this I know, God does not want to see both you and I downhearted. There is so much to be happy about, it is up to us to acknowledge it.

And maybe you are facing a season where you feel lonely but never forget that God is always, always with you. And, thankfully, God always sends us people who can pour into us and who we can pour into. Yet, it is important that we do not attach our joy to rather or not we are in the company of others. Relationships are so important and God created us to commune with others, however, we have to learn to also be content and happy being just with Him.

Need someone to talk to? Talk to God. He is always available and always listening.

And if you need to cry, cry. Release all the negativity and leave it all at God's feet. Allow God to embrace you and comfort your spirit.

I am reminded of Matthew 5:4 which says, God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

What or who are you mourning? 

What is no longer serving a purpose in your life that you are still clinging to? 

What unpleasant emotion are you embracing and need to release?

My prayer is that during this winter we will cling to the joy that is ever present regardless of who we may or may not be with. Do not fall into the trap of embracing depression. It is time to ditch the despair in exchange for happiness. Cheer yourself up and smile more often, just because. And be reminded of how all things are working towards your good. That alone is something to smile about!