Deferred Dreams + How to Reclaim Them

Oftentimes our goals and ambitions get postponed for whatever reason. The timing isn't always right.

I was eighteen when I undoubtedly knew God was calling me to New York. Now, at the age of twenty-four, I have lived in New York twice and now reside in my hometown of North Carolina. So many times I want to believe that God is no longer calling me to New York. But my passions and aspirations always lead me back there. I can't shake it. No matter how much I avoid it, New York always reappears.

I truly believe that God doesn't want us to give up on our callings but He also doesn't want us to give up on our dreams. And I believe ambition moves God. We should never let anything hinder us from pursuing the things He has birthed inside our hearts.

The passions that gravitate towards our hearts are easily the passions we will utilize to further the Kingdom.

But we have to know when to pursue because dreams are dependent on the time. A dream is postponed for one of two reasons: 1) it has not aligned with God's timing yet or 2) it is aligned with God's timing but you are making no effort to pursue it.

I want to acknowledge those dreams I've always had that I somehow dismissed because "I'm older now and, well, frankly I don't have the time." I also want to trust God's timing so I won't grow restless and become anxious when it doesn't happen immediately.

We reclaim our dreams by choosing to not give up on them and by acknowledging that they belong to us. Your dreams are tailor made for you. They have your name written on them as proof that they're meant to transpire within your lifetime.

When we choose to reclaim our dreams, we also reclaim our purpose, our destiny, our calling. We must be willing to work for the fruition or else no fruition will take place.

Yet the enemy's tactic is to get us to believe that our deferred dreams will never occur. And this mentality causes us to lose hope, especially if the dream doesn't happen according to our timing or if the dream didn't happen as we expected it to.

But don't lose hope.

Don't rely on your own timing or preconceptions.

But trust God.

God gave us dreams for a reason. Not to hoard them for memory sake but to witness them become our actual reality.

Live out your dreams and fulfill your calling.
It's one of the main reasons you are here.