Reasons to be Thankful

My life has been hectic lately. Between my 9 to 5 and online school, I've managed to get a part-time job for the holidays for extra cash and I am also in the process of moving. Life gets pretty busy during the holidays also. However, no matter how busy I find myself, I like to reflect on all the blessings God has given me. Gratitude is a posture that I am teaching my heart to always have.

What I am most thankful for in this season is the strength God has equipped me with. I have been able to manage and adjust even with a lot on my plate. The small victories like getting through 12 hours of work, waking up on time, finding time to run errands, organizing around the house or turning in a school assignment on time, they all add up. 

And I can admit that I do not take the time to thank God enough, even for the little stuff. But with all that I had to do this week and with Thanksgiving being yesterday, I had to give God recognition for all He has enabled me to do.

This season has just been preparation for my 2020 and I am looking forward to what God has for me next. What are you thankful for this season? What are you looking forward to?