Confronting My Emotions

Lately I have been holding myself more accountable when it comes to overreacting and overthinking. Both of which are things I struggle with on a daily basis. And keeping myself accountable has been difficult but overall, edifying.

I have been learning to take the needed time to really process my feelings.

When I feel sad or upset or angry or whatever, it is important that I ask myself Why exactly am I feeling this way? It is also important that I am honest with myself.

My feelings are valid and they are meant to be acknowledged and confronted. However, I have gotten to a point in my life that I surrender my emotions to God instead of allowing them to dictate my next move.

Just because I have a bad day, it does not mean I can pout around for 24 hours. I have to give God my sentiments, both bad and good, and keep it pushing.

So when you get in your feelings: acknowledge it, give it to God, and persevere. Do not allow frustration or anxiety or fear to determine what you do. You determine what you will do despite how you feel.