The Longest Season Ever

Lately I have been feeling real stuck. Like I've been facing a never-ending cycle and nothing has changed for months, years. Life consists of seasons: some great, some not so great. The season I am currently in has become so routine. Each day seems to be the same. No new challenges, no new growth. I feel as though I am striding along indefinitely. Something has got to give. Sooner or later things have to change. Eventually I have to face something new.

Seasons like these can be frustrating, however, they are needed. The moments when life seems so mundane are the moments when God reminds us to fully trust Him in spite of what's not happening. I can get so caught up on focusing on what's not happening that I miss out on what is happening.

Yeah, I may not be in the career field I want to be in, but at least I have a job.
Sure, I am behind most of my peers, but at least I am trying my best.
No, I have not figured everything out, but thankfully I don't have to.

Ask yourself: What does fulfillment look like to you? Are you fulfilled just because you succeed at something or you meet a goal? Or can you find fulfillment in living day to day, making it through what seems to be the norm? Can you find fulfillment when facing difficulties or challenges? Can you be fulfilled when everything around you changes?

I never want to be in a rush to go from one season to another. Although the season I am currently facing has lasted longer than I had anticipated, I am certain that in this time God is shaping me and preparing me to embrace fulfillment. Fulfillment is on the other end of waiting and faithfully serving despite how tedious it all can become.

Change is inevitably coming, just continue to trust God in the process. Things cannot and will not stay the same forever. Be prepared for dreams to be fulfilled. Get ready to adjust to the new things coming.

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  1. Love it, love reading your voice you gift to the world. And the so many worries we all struggle with. I pray Adonai continues to increase your blessings and anoint your giftings so that you can continue to penetrate the world with your truth. ��