Black Owned Businesses + Net Neutrality

There are many products and services available nowadays via the Internet, and many curators happen to be African American. Entrepreneurship has become more and more attainable thanks to the Internet. The World Wide Web allows us to promote our businesses and be successful within our market. A few of the black-owned brands I have featured on this post include CRWN Magazine, Lit Brooklyn, FORM Beauty, and Alaffia.

CRWN Magazine is a publication that showcases natural hair inspiration and resources. Lit Brooklyn offers 100% natural soy wax, scented candles. FORM Beauty is a collection of high-quality hair care products for women of all ethnic backgrounds. Alaffia provides fair-trade beauty products that encourage equality and empowerment. All of these businesses, as well as most businesses, rely heavily on the Internet to gain customers and income.

On December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed net neutrality which has much of an uproar. What exactly is net neutrality? Net neutrality is a set of rules for Internet providers to not discriminate or unfairly charge consumers based upon the content, website, platform, application or method of communication. 

Repealing net neutrality is a huge threat for independent entrepreneurs. Without Internet freedom, many start-up businesses run the risk of not having access to a broad audience. This then threatens their chance to gain income and notoriety. While many businesses end up selling their products within local and globally owned stores, many people start their businesses online because it is their only viable option.

For decades, the Internet has been an outlet for us to express our creativity and innovation, regardless of race, gender, or religion. It allows us to operate in our purpose, whether that is a lifestyle blogger, a Etsy store owner, a independent music artist, or a YouTube sensation. It allows us to connect with others, to share our story, and to make a difference. It allows us to leave our mark. 

We still have time to convince Congress to overrule the FCC's repeal. Find out more here:

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