If You Know Better, You Ought to Do Better


My birthmark is a patch of gold and silver hair at the top of my head. Growing up, I always felt as though the gold, kind of ash blonde, piece represented my ignorance (i.e. “dumb blonde”) and the silver piece represented my wisdom. I believe we all have that. 

Moments we can discern God telling us to do abc but instead we decide to do xyz and later realize abc was the much better choice. Moments when we know better but we don’t do better.

And there’s a problem when we choose to do the unwise thing when we are aware it is an unwise thing. Throughout life, we should be seeking wisdom and guidance from God so we are not stumbling and falling into traps we know are avoidable.

“Those who trust their own insight are foolish, but anyone who walks in wisdom is safe.” Proverbs‬ ‭28‬:‭26‬ 

We often think we know what’s right and we often convince ourselves that we make the best decisions. But if we are not seeking God’s counsel, we are only deceiving ourselves. Next time you have a decision to make, ask God: God, what do You think I should do?

The more we include God in our decision making, the more wisdom we gain and we end up making better decisions. However, we cannot seek wisdom and then challenge it. If we gain wisdom and then still choose the unwise things, we are only setting ourselves up for failure.

If we want to stay on the safe, peaceful, and purposeful path God has laid out for us, we must not only know better but do better. Knowing is half the battle. Actually doing better is a sacrifice, however, it is most definitely a sacrifice worth making.

I hope this message blessed you,