What This Pandemic Has Taught Me

It has been five months now that we have been facing the global pandemic of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus *Cardi B's voice* or Rona for short. It has drastically altered life as we know it and has dictated a "new normal." This summer did not look like every other summer. You know, the typical summer stuff: road trips, cook outs with family, brunch with friends, concert date nights, etcetera. But with all the adjustments, this pandemic has taught me some crucial lessons:

1. I take so much for granted. The simple blessing in opening my eyes in the morning and giving the opportunity to live another day is something I took for granted. This pandemic has made me more aware of all the things I have been blessed with: life, a stable job, a place to stay, foodthe basic necessities. I have been more intentional about practicing gratitude and being thankful of everything attached to my favor.

2. God is still good. Even when there is so much bad happening in the world, God is still in control and he is our only hope. God has always been faithful, but he has been showing out for me during this pandemic. And in this time, I have been still and reminded of God's goodness. And I am confident that he will get all the glory out of this chaotic time.

3. I am not as much of a homebody as I thought I was. Things are slowly opening back up but I'm still not comfortable going to certain places. But there are days that I am over staying at home (OVER IT). I look forward to the day I can go to the movies again, and the library, and the museum, and a dine-in restaurant. In the meantime, I still get out but I am very cautious.

4. I still do not like exercising. No need to explain this one.

5. I need to stop compromising. I'm learning that I have a difficult time saying no and I am not good at setting boundaries, let alone keeping them. I'm being taught the hard lesson that I've compromised too much and because of this, I've disrespected myself. Whew, never again.

6. Make time for what matters most. This pandemic has taught me that time is truly of the essence. I've never been a fan of wasting my time (and still am not). So I have been more conscious of my time and how I invest it. I am being more mindful to prioritize my time, to spend time with God every day, spend time with friends and family, and spend some time alone as well.

So what lessons have you been learning during this pandemic? Be blessed and stay safe!