God Is In Complete Control

It's human nature for us to think we have all the answers. We are so prone to believe we can manage the obstacles we face. It's the moment we attempt to "fix" things that we suddenly lose all control. Because there are questions we simply don't have the answers to and there are problems we can't solve on our own. We were never created to figure things out on our own. Just knowing that God has everythingeverythingfigured out is mind blowing. But that statement holds no power unless the one reading it not only believes it, but wholeheartedly trusts God. 

When you sincerely trust God, you can boldly admit that in your own strength, you fail to measure up. You can admit that you don't have everything figured out. And that's absolutely fine. God not only knows what our tomorrow holds, He manages to remove any and all obstacles standing in our way. He specializing in fixing problems that we don't qualify to fix. Because problems that we try to fix on our own only become bigger problems. Whereas, when we entrust our problems to God, God gives us solutions.

The things we cannot change or don't have the strength to manage were never meant to be our responsibility in the first place. God is in control of it all. Growing up as a kid, I always imagined God as a big giantso big that the universe cannot contain His vastness. Just like the song from Sunday school says, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." He seriously does. He is sovereign and rules over everything. God is capable of doing everything. Let us trust Him and be amazed at what He does within our lives and throughout the world we live in.