Finding Peace Amidst Pain

The last week and a half has been very rough for me. And I do not know how else to cope with it besides writing. Disappointment has been draining me of my energy and robbing me of my peace. But no more.

Things haven't been going my way (not new), and sometimes it is easy to lose all hope and to dwell in the dysfunction but I choose not to. I am choosing to acknowledge that when things do not go my way that it inevitably means God has something even greater in store for me. It hurts when things do not go as I expected or how I hoped they would.

But the beautiful thing about pain is that you can transform it into peace. Oftentimes, you must undergo pain prior to finding peace. Therefore, I will use this pain as leverage to secure the peace I need in this current season.

Each season calls for new peace, and with new peace comes new pain. It is an unfortunate truth of life. There is a constant battle between your pain and your peace. Your peace is fighting to keep you stable, while pain is fighting to rid you of your peace. In order to keep your peace, you must use the pain towards your advantage. So how do you manifest your pain? Do you allow your pain to fester and cause a divide between you and your sanity? Or do you allow your pain to equip you with the power to tirelessly hunt down your peace?

It is okay to cry. It is okay to be upset. It is okay to suffer through the pain. For a moment.
But allow your disappointments and your downfalls to be the catalyst of you becoming free.
Free to live the life you've always wanted. Free to be happy. Free to be you.
Free enough to not tolerate outside sources (people, places, and things) to ever steal your peace.