Venting to God + Venting to Others

Every morning on my way to work, I sit in traffic on the highway and vent to God. It is the perfect time for me to have a one-on-one conversation with Him. With my busy schedule, I have to find time to talk to Him or else my day doesn't feel complete.

Lately I have been challenging myself to be more vocal with others in regards to my feelings, to be more vulnerable, to clearly communicate and express how I feel. And it is hard. I typically introspect without consulting the people involved. I am quick to keep my feelings to myself due to fear that I may hurt someone, or push someone away.

However I have no trouble being vulnerable to God. He already knows how I am feeling anyways. But it is so refreshing talking to Him, venting and letting Him know how I feel about x, y, and z. And never for a moment do I feel as though He is uninterested or not listening. He truly is invested in me, and He is truly invested in you. He cares and He is concerned. That makes having a conversation
with Him so much easier. I am learning to also take time to listen to His response, to be still, to be quiet and discern His voice.

I know that eventually my vulnerability with God will cultivate vulnerability in all my other relationships because how can I effectively communicate to God yet be scared to communicate with others? Vulnerability is a power, it is a strength. Vulnerability is attractive and it is freeing. I want the freedom to genuinely be myself, to be honest, and to abide by truth. Communicating my feelings both to God and to those I am close with frees me from the need to be someone I am not.

My hope is that I can courageously express myself to others, and, without hesitation, open myself up to people that want to see me grow. And I believe that my daily conversations with God are preparing me to have more profound, life-changing conversations with others.