Solo Dating

I heard the concept of “solo dating” a month ago when I attended a relationship seminar. Of course, I had heard it before but it made me wonder if I ever really take the time to date myself. I can typically do things alone and not feel weird. However, there are times when I rely on other people because I know I will feel more comfortable if they were around. But I believe that solo dating facilities authentic self love, as well as incites us to love others better.

Although I do not mind doing certain things alone, i.e. going to the movies or walking in the park alone, I learned that I was not truly dating myself because of my intentions. Solo dating only works with the right intention: to put effort and time into investing in yourself.

When was the last time you reflected on your heart? Your character? When was the last time you reminded yourself of your dreams? Your goals?

Solo dates are for self-discovery and contentment. Being single does not have to suck. Why wait on someone to ask you out on a date when you can simply take yourself out? Date yourself. Get to know you. Take yourself out to dinner. Go to the concert alone. Do things you love without relying on the company of others. Whether you're passionate about cooking or kickboxing, or you love to dance or knit—make time to do the things that make your heart feel full while discovering how to better love yourself. Today, I took a solo date at a local coffeeshop and answered self-reflective questions (you can download it here). I encourage you to find the time to take yourself out and reflect.