The Virtue of Self Love

It is Valentine's Day, a day that is hard for many of us who are single. We despise all the lovey-dovey antics and, some of us, crawl into a ball of endless tears. Many of us believe that we are worthless without a relationship. That's simply not the case. A relationship does not define who you are. You were born single and even if you marry in this lifetime, there is a chance you will die single. Singleness is not a curse, and being in a relationship is not a solution. A lot of people rush into relationships because they do not love themselves, and are looking for validation through someone else. It doesn't work like that. A relationship cannot properly survive if you have not taught your heart to genuinely love yourself first.

I made a list of questions that singles, myself included, should ask themselves this Valentine's Day as we strive to embrace self love.

Am I truly content in my singleness?

Is my self love sufficient enough?

Have I loved myself to the extinct that I know whether or not someone else loves me properly?

Instead of being bitter today because you're single, use that energy to teach yourself how to love you better. Your relationship with yourself is so vital because it directly affects all of your other relationships.

My prayer is that in our season of singleness, we will teach our hearts to fall in love with every inch of who we are. That not for one moment will we feel neglected or unworthy. And that we will relish in the love of God as we imitate Him.