Give Yourself A Break

"Clarissa, you're not doing enough," is a sentiment that often chimes in my head.

Why must I be so hard on myself?
Why must I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect when I know that achieving perfection is impossible?
Why must I constantly question my growth, as if it isn't enough?
Why must I always compare my journey with someone else's?

When do I get a break?
It is so imperative that I learn to trust that I am capable of growth and to have full confidence that I am growing at this very moment.

I cannot expedite my growth.

Patience with myself is something I strive for every day.

I am not quite who I want to be yet, but I am learning to tolerate every delay.
And I am learning to reassure myself that I will accomplish becoming the woman I envision becoming.

Perfection is a gimmick. You should never try to attain it but you should always strive for better.

We could all do better, no matter what stage of life we are currently in, no matter how much growth we've experience—better is always your viable option.

Stop discrediting the growth you've already obtained by expecting yourself to do more as if what you've already done isn't enough.

Give yourself a break.

You deserve it.