Learning to Believe What God Says About You + Becoming Who God Says You Are

So often we seek validation and approval from others. If no one is loving us, we feel unloved. If no one is reciprocating our worth or acknowledging our value, we feel unworthy and unvalued. The actions of others seemingly play a major role in how we view ourselves. But should they?

Why are we sometimes so quick to believe the lies spoken over us, the misinterpretations of our true character? Why must we find it challenging to identify with the more favorable characteristics? How long until we realize that we were authentically created to be loved? How long until we acknowledge our self worth?

You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be told "you're beautiful" with all sincerity. You deserve to be appreciated and accepted. But it can be quite a demanding task when you have to learn to be the one to love yourself, the one to call yourself "beautiful" (and mean it), the one to appreciate and accept you for you. Thankfully, God meets the demand, the ache in the depths of our souls demanding to be affirmed. He affirms us constantly.

In His eyes, we are His beloved. We are truly deserving of real love. In His eyes, we are worthy. We are truly worth it all. In His eyes, we are valuable. We are truly significant. We have purpose and we have been given life. In order to wholeheartedly believe you are who God says you are, you must tune out the opinions of others, including your own opinion, and proclaim the attributes He sees in you. Repeat after me: 

I am loved.
I am worthy.
I am valuable.
I am beautifully and wonderfully made.
I am treasured.
I am appreciated.
I am here for a unique purpose.

Changing the way you view yourself starts with changing how you think and how you speak. You must self evaluate and, instead of feeling self contempt, remind yourself of God's affirmations towards you. Just knowing that the God of the whole universe thinks highly of me propels me to view myself in a different light. Sometimes I wonder how He sees such great potential in me but He reminds me that He doesn't see me as I am presently--He sees the future me and He knows what I will become. But in order for us to become who God says we are, we must profess it, believe it, and permit ourselves to identify with it.