And just like that, it is twenty seventeen. Every new year promises new beginnings. Every new year brings a sense of change.

No matter what happened or didn't happen in 2016, I believe that in 2017 things can only get better. The very issues you have been going to God in prayer will be answered.

However, I do think that making resolutions is important. Making goals is beneficial because it pushes you to accomplish them. It pushes you to follow your ambitions.

Here are some of my New Year resolutions:

  1. Write more and as often as I possible can. Develop and hone my craft.
  2. Be more present. Engage in conversation. Be more social and friendly. Get out of my shell.
  3. Pray every chance I get. Talk to God on a daily basis and listen for His voice.
  4. Be more consistent with reading the Word and allowing it to transform me.
  5. Be more optimistic and hopeful about the future.
  6. Travel every chance I get.
  7. Cultivate meaningful relationships. Be open to new relationships.
  8. Read more books.
These are just of few things I am hoping for in 2017. What are some of your resolutions?

Comment below! (: